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Updated Link for 2018 Hit-A-Thon

Novato Little League North

       2018 Hit-A-Thon


Dear NLLN Parents,


We are excited to let you know our fundraiser the Novato Little League North Hit-a-Thon was a huge success last year. This year we are excited to bring it back again. The NLLN Hit­a­Thon last year raised money to help offset the renovation costs of both Snack shacks and helped to purchase some much-needed new field and team equipment. Amounts raised through this fundraising effort will go towards upgrading and improving our fields and facilities, replacing equipment, uniforms and to pay umpires. You and your player will be able to reach out to friends and family electronically by email, Facebook, and Twitter, instead of going door­to­door, tracking commitments, and handling checks.  Additionally, donors can contribute to support your player with a simple and secure online transaction. 

You will receive an email from 99Pledges with a link to your player’s pledge page as we get closer to Opening Day. Simply share your link. Family and friends can make a flat or per hit donation.



How does the hit­a­thon work?   

  • Starting on March 18, 2018 Through April 29, 2018; each player will be able to send their player pledge page online to family and friends who can logon to donate to their player based either on a flat donation or how many hits the player can get out of 10 Swings.
  • From April 21, 2018 to April 28, 2018; during practices each player will get 10 swings, which their manager will record on the tracking form provided.
  • Once all the hits and pledges are tallied, the top Fundraiser from each team will advance to championship round. The player with the most​ hits on each team will advance to the championship round. The championship will be held at NLLN Field Day on May 6, 2018.
  • NLLN Field Day; All players that advanced receive 5 pitches (single = 1pt, double = 2 pts, triple =3 pts and homerun = 4pts) points accumulated will determine the Hit­a­Thon Divisional Champion.



Who wins Prizes:   

  • Manager of Team who raises the most pledges: Coaches Gear (Bow Net, Fungo Bat and Ball Caddy with stand
  • Team that raises the most pledges wins: Pizza party at Mountain Mikes $150 value.
  • Every Player that reaches the $100 in pledges wins: NLLN Water Bottle.
  • Every Player that reaches the $200 in pledges wins: NLLN Hit-a-Thon T-Shirt, plus above.
  • Every Player that reaches the $300 in pledges win: NLLN Sweatshirt Plus above.
  • Every Player that reaches the $400 in Pledges wins: Is entered into a raffle for a week-long summer camp with the BStings, there will be 2 drawings for this. See flyer on Website.
  • Every Player that reaches the $500 in pledges wins: Is entered in Raffle for New 2018 USA Approve Bat (up to a $280), Plus above.
  • Top fundraising player and player with the most hits from each team: Advance to Championship Round.
  • Overall top fundraiser wins: New PlayStation4 with MLB 2018 and has their name on the NLLN Field Day sign at Rancho and Pleasant Valley Snack Shacks.
  • Most points earned at the Championship Round for each Division wins: Majors/AAA receive an 2018USA approve bat of their choice (up to a $280 value) and AA/Rookies/Tee Ball receive a Nike Bat Bag (up to a $100 value).




Next Steps:

Share, share, share!  Just share your pledge page with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter and/or whatever other means you feel are effective. Include a personal message (see sample below) to let your supporters know their generous donation is going to support a good cause. 


Sample sharing text:

«Player Name» will be participating in his baseball team’s hit­a­thon.  Please help by making a flat or per hit donation. Below is a link to our fundraising page.  Every little bit goes to great cause and is Tax Deductible.  Thanks, in advance. 

«Personal Pledge Page URL»  

You can find your player’s page at:  https://99pledges.com/fund/Novato2018 

For any questions you can reach out to Habib Bentaleb at


Hit-A-Thon Process and Rules


  1. Team managers will provide instructions to the players to ensure a consistent understanding of all objectives of the Hit-A-Thon, the process that will be followed and the rules.
  2. Each player will be given one chance to hit for the Hit-A-Thon. They will get to see 10 consecutive pitches. If a player does not swing the pitch will not count. There is only one official at-bat for the Hit-A-Thon and no make-ups or do-overs.
  3. For Majors and Minors (AAA and AA), managers or coaches should pitch to the players at a speed preferred by the batter, but within the range of what a player would typically see in league play for their division. Rookie will hit off the machine, at normal game speed, and Tee Ballers will hit off the tee.
  4. A player is credited with a hit if a ball goes past the pitcher’s mound in fair territory. We will establish official hits (single, double, triple, home run) using field lines and landscaping flags for the Championship Round. Preliminary rounds, all batted balls that pass the pitcher’s mound in fair territory represents a hit.
  5. All managers will be provided with a schedule to use in recording each player's individual results, which will then be used to determine the player on each team with the most hits. This player is invited to participate in the championship round of the Hit-A-Thon for his/her division at NLLN Field Day on 5/6.
  6. In the event of a tie for the most hits on a team, a team winner will be determined with five more pitches (swings) for each of the tied players until there is a clear winner. In the case of a tie the original number of hits will be recorded as the total for purposes of moving on to the championship round.
  7. If for any reason, the top hitter or fundraiser for a given team isn’t available for the championship round, the player with the next highest total hits and/or money raised will advance to the championship round.
  8. Once all players have been given a chance to hit, the completed form with results for every player on the team should be submitted to Habib Bentaleb at   - no later than 5PM on April 29.

            Detailed information regarding logistics for the championship round will be sent to all team winners prior to Field Day.


by posted 04/14/2018
Field Status
Bacich - Kentfield OPEN (4/26) 
Davidson - San Rafael OPEN (4/26) 
Dunphy - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Future Prospects - San Rafael OPEN (4/26) 
Hamann - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Hamann - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Hamilton 1 - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Hamman OPEN (4/26) 
Hill #2 - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Mary Silveira #1 - San Rafael OPEN (4/26) 
Pinheiro - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
PV - Minors Field OPEN (4/26) 
PV - Minors Game Field OPEN (4/26) 
PV - T-Ball Field OPEN (4/26) 
PV Batting Cage - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
PV Minors Game Field - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
PV Practice - PV 1 - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
PV Practice - PV 2 - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
PV Tee Ball - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Rancho - Babe Silva Fld - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Rancho Batting Cage - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Rancho Practice - RN 1 - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Rancho Practice - RN 2 - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Rancho Rookie Game Field - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
Sinaloa Middle School - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
TBD - Novato OPEN (4/26) 
West Marin - Central - Fairfax OPEN (4/26) 
NUSD RAIN LINE: 898-1266
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