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NLLN Frequently Asked Questions


When does the season start and how long is it? 

NLLN offers two separate seasons, our Spring and Fall programs.

 - Spring Season: Our primary season is in the spring, which is governed by Little League International. Opening day is typically in early to mid-March and the season will continue through late May/early June, depending on which division.

 - Fall Season: Typically, the fall games begin in early September through the end of October. 


How many games are there and what day of the week are the games scheduled? 

 - Spring Season: Depending on which division, each team will generally play between 15 and 20 games. Two to three games a week.  In most cases, each team plays one or two games each week, and the games are scheduled on both weekdays and weekends. Game days and times will vary each week, depending on the league schedule. League schedules are typically released in mid-February for the Major and Minor divisions and after team assignments are made for Rookie and Tee Ball divisions (by the end of February). Games cancelled or suspended during play due to weather may or may not be rescheduled, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

 - Fall Season: The fall season is approximately 10 games. All games are played on Sundays.


When do practices start and how many practices are there each week? 

Practices generally start in February for Major and Minor divisions and late February for Rookie and Tee Ball. Each team typically has one or two practices each week, depending on the division of play.  The league sets the practice schedules in collaboration with team managers, based on availability of our fields. Practice schedules will be communicated by team managers after the rosters are announced and players are contacted.


Where can I register my child for NLLN baseball? 

All registration is completed online. Please visit www.novatonorth.com and click on the registration button.

 - Spring Season: Registration occurs mid-November through mid-January.

 - Fall Season: Registration occurs late July through mid-August.


How much does it cost to register and what do the fees include? 

NLLN fees are set by the Board of Directors and are intended to cover the cost of operating our programs. Fees will vary depends on season, player league age and time of registration. We offer early-bird discounts and sibling discounts. Please check our web-site during the appropriate registration times for information on player registration fees. Player registration fees include player jerseys and hats, equipment (balls, bases, umpire equipment, pitching machines, etc), field rentals & maintenance, snack shack maintenance, umpire salaries, website administration, league marketing, etc.


What is the refund policy? 

NLLN will refund to the following schedule:

 - 100% through December 31st

 - 100% less a $50 administrative fee through January 17th

 - 50% through February 28th

 - No refunds offered after February 28th 


Who is eligible to play in NLLN?

Children of families that live within the NLLN boundary (see below), or although not living within the boundary attend a primary and full-time school located within the boundary, are eligible to participate in NLLN. Players who qualify for NLLN based on location of their school must complete and submit a School Enrollment Form (located in the NLLN Documents section of our website) for the current academic year.


What is the NLLN boundary?

The NLLN boundary is established in accordance rules governed by Little League Baseball and is subject to their approval. Generally speaking, families residing in the Pleasant Valley, San Ramon, and Rancho elementary school neighborhoods are eligible to play in NLLN. Click here to see the Novato School Boundary Map or click here to see a street index for locating your neighborhood school.


If we live outside the boundaries for NLLN, but our child attends school within the boundaries of NLLN, can we play at NLLN?  

In an effort to allow schoolmates and friends to play Little League baseball together, the residency rules have been expanded to include the location of a child's school, regardless of the residence. If a family lives outside the NLLN boundary but the child attends school within the boundary, the child meets the residency requirements to play in NLLN. Should your address not qualify you for NLLN and you attend Pleasant Valley, San Ramon or Rancho elementary schools, you can submit a School Enrollment Form for the current academic year (located in the NLLN Documents section of our website).


If we live outside the NLLN boundary, can my child who attends private school within the boundary participate in NLLN? 

As indicated above, children attending school within the NLLN boundary are eligible to participate in NLLN. This includes private schools. The following private schools are within the NLLN boundary: Our Lady of Loretto, Marin Christian Academy, Montessori School of Novato, and North Bay Christian Academy. Should your address not qualify you for NLLN and you attend one of these private schools, you can submit a School Enrollment Form for the current academic year (located in the NLLN Documents section of our website).


What equipment does my child need to participate?  

Your child will need Little League approved bat, rubber cleats, glove, batting helmet, and an athletic cup (for boys who wish to play in the catcher position).  Your child will also need baseball socks, baseball pants, and a belt. Team managers will provide specifics regarding colors required for your team.


How do I know if a bat is Little League approved?

Further information regarding approved bats is included on the League Information page of the NLLN website. 


Can I request that my child play in a certain division?

NLLN cannot guarantee that a child will move up to a more competitive division or be placed in a specific division. However, parents may request that a child be held back from advancing to a higher division (and, for example, not made available in the Major or Minor draft). All players league age 9-12 are evaluated during tryouts and many factors go into if and where they are drafted. The objective of NLLN is for all to have a fun, successful and satisfying season. Playing in the appropriate division and level of competition is key. Requests to hold a player back to a lower division should be submitted to the Player Agent at or prior to tryouts for league age 9-11 and at the time of registration for league age 7-8.


Can I request to play on the same team with a friend? 

For Rookie and Tee Ball we will make every effort to accommodate friend and carpool requests. However, we are unable to honor these requests for the Major and Minor divisions, as players are subject to the draft. Requests should be submitted to the Player Agent at the time of registration.


I have sibling playing in the same division.  Can they be on the same team? 

For Rookie and Tee Ball, siblings in the same division are automatically placed on the same team, unless requested otherwise. For Major and Minor divisions, the team that drafts the first child has the option to draft a sibling in the following round. Any requests regarding siblings should be submitted to the Player Agent at the time of registration.  


Can I request my child play on a team with a specific manager?  

In Rookie and Tee Ball we will make every effort to accommodate manager requests. Requests should be submitted to the Player Agent. We are unable to honor these requests in Majors and Minors, as players are subject to the draft.


Can I request my child not be picked in the player draft by a specific manager?

You may request that your child not be drafted or assigned to play on a team managed by a specific person. These requests are limited to ONE (1) manager per season per child. In Tee Ball and Rookie we will make every effort to accommodate all requests. In Majors and Minors, the named manager will be notified of the request prior to the draft so they can plan their player draft accordingly. Requests should be submitted to the Player Agent.  


Does my child have to try-out?

At NLLN we want to preserve the enjoyment and love that our kids have for baseball.  We do not want to place kids in situations where there is little chance of success.  Because of this it is essential that all players league age 9-12 attend and participate in tryouts. Each child is evaluated by team managers during try-outs, which provides them with the information needed to plan for the draft. There are no “cuts” in Little League Baseball. Every child with a completed registration will be either drafted or placed on a team. Some points to be aware of:

  • To be considered for the Major division draft, a player league age 10, 11, and 12 must attend tryouts.
  • A player league age 12 is required to try-out and play in the Majors, unless an exception is approved by the Board. If a player league age 12 cannot attend tryouts, it will require Board approval for the player to be eligible for the draft. 
  • A player league age 11 that cannot attend tryouts will not be eligible to play in the Majors or pitch in the Minors.
  • A player league age 10 or 11 that is not selected in the Majors draft will be selected to play in the Minors.
  • A player league age 9 is required to tryout and will be selected to play in the Minors. 
  • A player league age 8 may choose to tryout and be available for the Minors draft. There are a limited and fixed number of spots in the Minors for league age 8 players. If not drafted to a Minor League team, league age 8 players will be placed on a Rookie team.


What does my child need to bring to try-outs? 

Players should come dressed in baseball attire with their own bat, glove, batting helmet and cleats, as well as a pair of athletic sneakers in the case of wet weather.


What if my child can’t attend try-outs (due to vacation, illness)? 

While we require that players attend and participate in try-outs to be available for selection in the Major and Minor drafts, we understand that things come up that make it difficult or impossible for a player to participate in try-outs. If your child is required, but unable, to tryout, he/she will be drafted based on past experience at NLLN and at the discretion of the Board of Directors. It is possible that your child will be drafted or placed in a lower division than desired, so it is important that you make every effort to participate in tryouts.  Any player league age 9-12 that cannot make tryouts should notify the Player Agent in advance of the scheduled tryout day. 


Are make-up tryouts scheduled?

We do not schedule make-up tryouts unless tryouts are postponed due to weather conditions.  If a player has a conflict during his or her assigned tryout time slot, you must contact the Player Agent prior to tryouts to make arrangements to tryout before or after your assigned time slot.